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Commercial Snow Removal Service in Columbus & Franklin, IN

From plowing and sidewalk shoveling to sanding and de-icing, our commercial customers know that their property will be easily accessible no matter what the weather brings.

Snow Plowing

When winter conditions get harsh, you can count on Buck’s commercial snow removal to maintain safe access to your buildings. We are a full-service snow removal business.  Our team of professionals are available to facilitate your commercial property needs, with a variety of services and equipment available. You can trust our team of local and certified professionals to get the job done!

Salting, Sanding, and Deicing

We are dedicated to keeping your property safe and profitable.  By keeping your lot ice free you are keeping customers safe and preventing potentially costly accidents. Our fleet of salting trucks are available at all times for 100% pure salt applications to eliminate ice and bring your lot down to pavement. When the weather calls for it, we offer sand applications to give traffic added traction during slippery conditions.