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Residential Lawn Care Service in Columbus & Franklin, IN

Our clients are provided with professional outdoor service for every season. From beginning of spring to the long warm days of summer and into beautiful autumn, your lawn will get proper maintenance.


Many homeowners start out thinking that they would like to take care of their own yard work, until the reality of what that entails sets in. It means spending a large part of your only day off trying to get the same results that a professional mowing company could get for you. We not only have the training and hands on expertise, we have the best equipment for the job so you get immaculate looking results. Plus, we give you something even more important, we give you back your time off so you can go do something you really enjoy.


If you want that perfect looking yard, you are going to have to let lawn care professionals take care of weed spraying and fertilizing for you. This is an essential part of creating and retaining that lush green lawn that you have always wanted. The thing to keep in mind is that these two also go hand in hand; taking care of one will help with the other. So spraying for weeds will help your yard to be healthier and fertilizing will create a healthy yard that is more resilient to weed growth.


When you want to make sure that your lawn looks its best and can be as healthy as possible, aerating is the best things to do. By letting our lawn care experts here at Buck’s Mowing & Landscaping take care of this for you, you can rest assured that you will get the professional care and attention to detail that you want, need and should be able to expect. Getting core aeration for your lawn will relieve it from compaction and allow air, water and necessary nutrients to get to the root system.


Overseeding is ideal for parts of a larger yard that are thin, but not bare. This is not just about helping your lawn look better again, it is about helping improve the health and quality. By making your lawn lush and healthy again, you are enabling it to better handle problems like weeds or insects. If problems like this arise while your lawn is weak, thin and unhealthy, this will make it more susceptible to being overrun and destroyed by weed growth or bug infestations.


Too many people make the mistake of putting the time, effort and money into getting their landscaping professionally designed and installed and then end up neglecting to follow up with aftercare required to keep it healthy and looking its best. This is where our specialists come into the picture. We are dedicated to the maintenance as much as we are the initial work that goes into making your lawn look its absolute best, all year long. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the expertise required to make the most of your service needs.